Benefits of Hill Training

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For centuries, athletes have suffered while running hill sprints. Not because their athletic trainers were sadistic (although you know some are), but because they’re tried-and-true effective. All you need is a steep enough hill (6% grade or over) or access to stairs or bleachers and you can perform a workout that will improve endurance as well as build muscle and power.Easier on Your JointsRunning uphill produces less force on your ankles, knees, and hips. Although your heart is pounding, take some solace that your joints are not. This is mostly because running uphill places your body in a better position [...]

Does Cupping Therapy Help Sports Performance?

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The world was introduced to “Cupping” as a practice in the 2016 Olympics, where the tell-tale marks (Purple dots or blotches, giant ‘love bites’, bruises)  were easily visible on elite Olympic athletes that were using the practice to reduce pain and improve performance.  While it may have been little known to the general public, cupping has been around as a form of alternative medicine for thousands of years, What is Cupping? Cupping may have originated as early as 3,000 B.C. in China and is now practiced worldwide. The idea has stayed the same, though the technique has evolved. In the [...]

Tips to Improve Agility for Athletic Performance

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There is a ton of attention paid to the value of speed in sports performance. Although it is an important aspect of athletic performance, other than running straight ahead, athlete’s that perform on a court, field, or ring have the need for cutting on a dime, shuffle to cut off a drive, or dribbling past a defender. All of these moves necessitate, some would argue the most important aspect needed for athlete performance—agility.As with speed, agility has many components, including:Recognition/Reaction: Recognize the situation and react ASAPDecision-Making Speed: Moving as fast as possible while assessing game situationsBalance/Body Awareness: Controlling and knowing [...]

7 Techniques to Increase Speed

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Speed pertains to: how fast someone can run, how fast they can accelerate from a stationary position, their maximal speed of movement, and their speed maintenance (minimizing deceleration).When performing speed training, there must be a solid foundation of functional strength to maximize gains, reduce the chance of injury, and achieve more explosive force production. To improve in all aspects pertaining to speed: proper form, knee drive, triple extension, and mobility are important factors that an athlete most focus on.Proper technique is essential to speed training. An athlete can only run as fast as his/her technique will allow.Here are 7 basic [...]

Five Tips To Beat Athlete Training Burnout

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Most athletes love the athletic performance off-season training, the constant physical training in the weight room, the buildup of successive practices. However, even the most focused sports veteran experiences burnout at one point or another.In essence, burnout is a feeling of being done. The effort you need to make progress is not there, everything feels harder like climbing to the peak of the mountain, with a boulder on your back.For any individual or team to succeed the ascent is how athletes prepare in their off-season training leading to greater strength, fortitude, endurance, and consistency.Here are five ways to help you [...]

Training Your Achilles Improves Sports Performance

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Explosiveness starts in the Achilles tendon. The ability to explode out of the gate, jump higher and cut faster starts at the ankle. And when we talk of the ankle, we’re talking about the Achilles, which connects your calf muscles to the heel bone. The role of the Achilles is to perform plantar flexion, which means pushing off with toes and foot.We know strengthening muscle improves performance, but we often forget about the role of tendons – which are just as important, if not more.Think of your Achilles tendon as a rubber band. A rubber band is stretched first before [...]

7 Ways to Improve Athletic Performance

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Eating the Right Food at The Right Time Food plays a vital role in athletic performance. An athlete cannot eat anything and expect the great results. An athlete’s meal should be cleaner than a normal person. Serious athletes do not eat junk food. This is why there are sports nutritionists. Nutritionists can create meals that are designed for different functions. Depending on the time when the food is consumed, it plays a different role. It can easily be a recovery meal, or a meal which will be used as fuel for performance. One of the most basic things that athletes [...]

Increase Speed Through Isometric Exercises

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Speed rules. No one can argue this. It doesn’t matter whether your sport is football, baseball or lacrosse, you can’t deny the advantage speed can provide over the competition. Traditionally, speed training has consisted of sprints and plyometrics to not only increase speed but power and agility. While that type of training can help you get faster, it’s not the only way. In fact, relying strictly on repeated bouts of jumping and running can be counterproductive over the long term as increases the chances of overtraining and injuries the more you train. Another option to consider to complement your training [...]

Benefits of Dynamic Warm-Ups

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Strength and conditioning coaches and trainers are involved in a constant search for top ways to improve sport performance, where it is adult or youth athletes. All things being alike, a bigger, faster, stronger, more conditioned athlete will rule best on the playing court or field. While there is constant discussion over techniques for boosting sport specific speed, power, and strength, we tend to overlook the importance of a comprehensive warm-up, and the role it plays in enhancing performance in each and every workout, practice, or  game. This leads to the obvious question: what is the best way is to [...]

Implement a Safe Training Program for Youth Athletes

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It’s common practice these days for athletic trainers to implement strength training for youth sports. Today, you’ll often see weight, speed and agility training programs integrated into football and soccer programs; even for the youngest of athletes. Over the past decade, there has been a fair amount of studies conducted on the benefits of strength training for young athletes, and the research is clear that it greatly benefits sports performance while not stunting growth or impairing mobility. But there is a proper way to structure a program. Treating young athletes like miniature adults, for example, is a mistake. Below are [...]