Five Tips To Beat Athlete Training Burnout

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Most athletes love the athletic performance off-season training, the constant physical training in the weight room, the buildup of successive practices. However, even the most focused sports veteran experiences burnout at one point or another.In essence, burnout is a feeling of being done. The effort you need to make progress is not there, everything feels harder like climbing to the peak of the mountain, with a boulder on your back.For any individual or team to succeed the ascent is how athletes prepare in their off-season training leading to greater strength, fortitude, endurance, and consistency.Here are five ways to help you [...]

Training Your Achilles Improves Sports Performance

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Explosiveness starts in the Achilles tendon. The ability to explode out of the gate, jump higher and cut faster starts at the ankle. And when we talk of the ankle, we’re talking about the Achilles, which connects your calf muscles to the heel bone. The role of the Achilles is to perform plantar flexion, which means pushing off with toes and foot.We know strengthening muscle improves performance, but we often forget about the role of tendons – which are just as important, if not more.Think of your Achilles tendon as a rubber band. A rubber band is stretched first before [...]

7 Ways to Improve Athletic Performance

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Eating the Right Food at The Right Time Food plays a vital role in athletic performance. An athlete cannot eat anything and expect the great results. An athlete’s meal should be cleaner than a normal person. Serious athletes do not eat junk food. This is why there are sports nutritionists. Nutritionists can create meals that are designed for different functions. Depending on the time when the food is consumed, it plays a different role. It can easily be a recovery meal, or a meal which will be used as fuel for performance. One of the most basic things that athletes [...]