the DYNANX PERFORMANCE BANDS, in these videos, have been discontinued, HOWEVER ANYONE CAN USE THESE EXERCISES and drills to help enhance performance in five key athletic performance training disciplines: Strength, Power, Speed, Quickness, and Agility.

Although broken out into four categories, many exercises and drills work in tandem with one another. As such, in each category, there are main exercises/drills accompanied by exercises you can perform while training.

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Before beginning training with your DYNAMX TRAINER, please watch the Quick Start Guide video and review the Getting Started content below.

Getting Started

As a general rule, always start with a pair yellow bands (10 lbs. resistance, 20 lbs. total) each attached to the front and back of your thigh straps. Perform the movement 2-3 reps to become familiar with the resisted movement before executing the full exercise or drill.

If you choose to add ankle resistance, we recommend starting with 2 yellow bands (20 lbs. total resistance) each attached to the front and back of your thigh straps, with one blue and (20 lb. resistance) attached to the ankle straps. Again, do 2-3 reps to practice movements and get familiar with the addition of ankle resistance. At any point, during the exercise, if you are not able to do the movement with proper form stop and remove the ankle resistance.

Quick Start Guide

We have included a digital Quick Start Guide for DOWNLOAD.