The W Switch Drill helps strengthen the fast-twitch muscle fibers of the glutes, hips, quadriceps, and calves, leading to greater lower-body power.

It develops quicker muscle contractions to generate force needed for explosive acceleration and lateral quickness.

Finally, having to overcome added resistance, forces the athlete to engage their full core to maintain balance and stability.

Keys to this drill include:

  1. Lower the hips and stutter step to provide effective deceleration before transitioning into the lateral shuffle.
  2. When executing the lateral shuffles, stay light on the feet and avoid heel touches.
  3. Maintain fast sprinter arms when accelerating and decelerating to aid in quick feet.


In this drill you will see the athlete using added resistance bands around his thighs and ankles. These bands provide more fast-twitch muscle and stability workload through the drill’s full range of motion for even greater performance improvement.

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