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The innovative REACTIV TRAINER™ Evade Belt System provides shadow/mirroring and chase training to improve footwork, acceleration, and deceleration, giving you improved rapid direction changes, reaction times, first-step quickness, and other essential skills.

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To be a successful athlete you must be able to outmaneuver your competition and use first-step quickness to create space. Just as important is your ability to defend; you need the speed and agility to instantly react to your opponent’s counter movements.

The REACTIV TRAINER™ Evade System targets these must-have skills through dynamic mirror/shadow and chase training. Using two Evade Belts, providing true 360° movements, and one of three different skill level break-away straps, athletes are put in competitive one-on-one drills that mimic the game-like movements as either an with the goal of trying to break the strap’s connection or keep the strap attached. Thereby, fueling quick reaction times and overall improved athletic performance—with a new competitive wrinkle.

Improve Quickness
The ability to break away or catch up to an opponent is essential during game time. Incorporating mirror/shadow or chase drills with break-away belts, demands athletes use – and improve – footwork speed and power production for rapid acceleration from nearly static positions as they run from, or chase down the opposing athlete.

Increase Agility
Nothing comes close to the cat-and-mouse game between opposing athletes. The REACTIV TRAINER’s Evade System and specific drills, athletes are forced to improve their deceleration, quick directional changes, and explosive reaccelerate in order to break the straps’ connection or maintain the link.

Gain Explosiveness
Through specific training, using the belts and break-away straps, athletes need to sharpen their balance and body awareness during extreme movements of deceleration and acceleration. Allowing them to train with efficient, quick changes of direction helps to generate power for first-step quickness.

Faster Reaction Time
Whether the athlete tries to create distance or keep the competition close, both athlete will have to make split-second decisions system, processing information quickly to apply to movements necessary when competing against another athlete.


REACTIV TRAINER™ Evade System Includes:

(2) Evade Belts (fits kids through adults)

(1) Black 10ft. Break-Away Strap

(1) Orange 6.5ft. Break-Away Strap

(1) Grey 4 ft. Break-Away Strap

(1) Vented Carrying Bag

EVADE-X Training Video Series



Customized Training

  • The varying lengths of our breakaway belts (10 ft./ 6.5 ft./ 4 ft.) give athletes the ability to increase or decrease the challenge of breaking away or keeping the straps intact.

Ease of Use

  • Our dual agility belt design attaches quickly and securely, giving you 2 adjustable straps that fit youth through adults-sized waists.
  • The heavy-duty attachment clips and premium-grade Velcro® tips lock your breakaway-belt into place so you can train dynamically for countless training sessions.

Game Like Training

  • Our unique free-motion O-Ring design for seamless 360-degree training that mimics sport specific movements in Football, Soccer, Basketball, and even Boxing.

EVADE-X Training Series

Product Warranty

  •  All parts are covered by a 12-month warranty; email us for details.