There are key factors in developing and maintaining acceleration. One is relative body strength and power generation (plyometric). Another is the mobility of the hip, knee, and ankle joints. Having an excellent range of motion in these joints allows for the leg’s to fully extend while simultaneously reaching full flexion on the opposite leg, creating huge strides for acceleration and top-end speed.

What type of speed your sport requires is another important consideration when training. Many sports do not require speed in one direction and for long distances. Many athletes must maintain a high velocity for longer than 6 seconds or produce repeated sprints with minimal rest periods. Timed intervals with high levels of effort, followed by short recovery periods condition lower body fast twitch fibers to maintain a higher work rate for better stamina. Considering all of the factors, we have included a speed building sprinting drill, along with several complimentary plyometric and strength training exercises to help improve your speed.

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