Training with resistance bands is an essential functional component for improving athletic power as well as improving flexibility and posture. Resistance band training, like the DYNAMX™ TRAINER, provides a unique form of loading that is ideal for developing a range of athletic abilities including: a faster rate of force production, a higher strength to bodyweight ratio, and improved flexibility with increased strength through larger ranges of motion.

Elastic (latex) resistance was once viewed more as a gimmicky type exercise device or a tool for rehabilitation. Today, however, the majority of serious strength and conditioning communities utilize band resistance training for various exercises that were traditionally thought of as heavyweight exercise (e.g. deadlift or squat) to increase their strength and power.

It is the “speed” of the bands that make them special. While you can throw a lighter weight by producing enough force to overcome its inertia, you can’t “throw” bands. No matter how fast you move, you will not overcome the acceleration force of even a light resistance band (even though you may continue to elongate it). So, unlike weights, resistance band training will never leave your body and leave you with zero resistance. Weights, with their mass and inertia, are ideal for increasing muscle mass and absolute strength, whereas resistance band training is best suited for developing speed and power.

To give you some perspective: Gravity accelerates weight downward at a constant rate of 32 feet per second squared. Elastics, such as the premium latex found in our resistance bands, accelerate much faster than this (think of an object shot from a slingshot, pointed straight up to the sky). The “speed” of elastics found in resistance bands excites the nervous system to fire fast muscular contractions to match or overcome the elastic resistance. This makes something as simple as isometric holds with elastics quite dynamic and distinctly different than weights.